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Two winemakers always on the go
a sea of wines made, a world of wine to be made.

Let's cultivate the passion for wine together with competence and simple methods.

Territories. Sensitivity. Commitment.


The value of every wine we create depends on how much knowledge, taste and culture accompany it on its journey from earth to man.

We tackle every job starting from listening, observation and human relationships, offering our customers knowledge and support,
to make wines that are as real as a handshake and as necessary as a bridge between past and future.

Marco Mocali


Wine consultancy

Science. Consciousness. Experience.

We base the technical management of the vineyards and the cellar on solid scientific knowledge, 
we approach our work with professional ethics and respect for Nature, from year to year we transform the results into human and professional growth.

MOMA Servizi


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We offer you a complete service for the vineyard, from assistance with the system to the choice of the best agricultural practices and phytosanitary protection, to guarantee the success of your wine production


We are at your side for every phase of wine production: from the design and setup of the cellar, to the management of winemaking, refinement, and preparation of the blends

Skills growth is key. We are committed to supporting and training company staff to help the company progress

Angelici estate

Ivano Mazzoleni

"Giacomo Mariotti as a consultant has been a traveling companion without whom, since the beginning of our adventure, we would not be the winery we are today"

MOMA enologo consulente Marco Mocali

Get to know the founder

Marco Mocali

Consultant winemaker

Marco has worked in various companies in Tuscany, from small to medium-sized companies dedicated to uncompromising quality, up to large cooperative wineries.

Get to know the co-founder

Giacomo Mariotti

Consultant winemaker

Giacomo's oenological expertise is rooted in his experiences at both a national and international level.

MOMA enologo consulente Giacomo Mariotti

our values

Earth. Grape. Cellar. Wine. Work.

E se guardavo l'isola petrosa

Ulivi e armenti sopra ogni collina

C'era il mio cuore al sommo d'ogni cosa

C'era l'anima mia che è contadina

Francesco Guccini

Con la tua solita faccia aperta ai dubbi

E un po' di rosso routine dentro al bicchiere

Francesco Guccini

Anche se non avrai le mie risse terrose di campi, cortile e strade e non saprai che sapore ha il sapore dell'uva rubato a un filare

Francesco Guccini

La canzone dei dodici mesi
Francesco Guccini

Qualcuno si era alzato a preparargli

in fretta un caffè d'orzo

Francesco Guccini

Nei tini grassi come pance piene prepari mosto ed ebrezza

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